For many of you, especially ones that run and manage businesses, customer’s review is very important part for the marketing side of the business. Reviews not only have the power to influence consumer decisions but can strengthen a company’s credibility. Reviews have the power to gain customer trust, and they encourage people to interact with the company. Customer interaction ultimately leads to improved profits for businesses. In the hospitality business it’s important to encourage our guests to write reviews in every page of online platform such as TripAdvisor, Google or any other existing platforms. Reviews help other people in making decision of which places they will be staying or where they wanna eat.

Reviews from you not only helping others in taking decisions and identify weather Yabbiekayu is the place they are looking for and match to their eco friendly, or the contrary our place might be not suitable with their preference so they will chose to stay somewhere else before they click the booking button. Your review give them a heads up about what they should be expecting and it is leads to a better decision making for others and for us it is great because we will get the right people who are looking for an eco friendly and culture friendly like Yabbiekayu.

But..other than that, do you know that your review also mean something more for our staff?

Reviews can be a good measurement to see how the little things our staff do every day counts. If you give us feedback, we directly address that to our staff and it helps us to improve, and we directly share to the staff and congratulate them for every 5 star review we got from TripAdvisor or other business platform we have, this makes them heavily internalised that their hard work appreciated. They feel proud of their job and feel the sense of togetherness with their team at work and it gives them positive motivation to do better.

We always believe that happy employees make our business runs better and it is one of the most important keys in keeping Yabbiekayu as a healthy and fun work space . And that’s why we have something called Yabbiekayu Social Club.

This club runs by staff and funded from the donation that management feed for every 5 stars review given by our guests whenever they’re happy about their stay in Yabbiekayu. The committee can manage the fund to conduct any kinds of recreational events for all the staff based on what the staff like to do: could be doing karaoke night, movie night at the cinema, watch dance and traditional theatre performance..or something like a trip to the beach or the mountains.

It’s been 4 times the team went out together funded by this social club, and the last time on the 29th of January this year we shut down Yabbiekayu for a day as the staff went to an outing to Drini beach, about 1.5 hour from Yabbiekayu.

They had fun enjoyed the trip to the beach. They hired a bus that fits 30 people and all the way to the beach they enjoyed having karaoke together, seeing different scenery, enjoying fresh beach air and some of them had fund swimming and encouraged themselves to try canoing on the shore.

As we always promote awareness about eco-friendly practices we are super proud that our staff had a great job of considering all the things they have in this trip based on being ecofriendly: while other group make plastic banner to bring on their outing and put it on the outside of the bus as a symbol of togetherness, they chose to write the group name on two black boards and carry the boards with them to show others that they proud being Yabbiekayu group. When common group bus ordered take away rice in boxes which contained plastic packagings, they decided to bring traditional snacks and big drinking water jar and reusable cups to share together to avoid trashing  single use plastic bottles. They consciously decided to order meals from warung at the beach which provide fresh fishes cooked on site as it will not generate more waste from single use cutlery and plastic packaging.

We are so proud of what they do and happy that they’re happy from having this trip they earned, and we couldn’t have done this without support and 5 star reviews from you!

Thank you for your great review on TripAdvisor and Google. Our staff can go on a trip not only because they deserve it, but also because of your gift!