Yabbiekayu Wholefood Restaurant

Welcome to our Garden Restaurant

Cosily tucked away in the tranquil village of Tembi, just south of buzzing Yogyakarta, you can find our verandah restaurant in the middle of a beautiful garden. As we like to grow our own vegetables and fruits, this edible landscape plays a key role in our paddock-to-plate food philosophy. We use our organically cultivated ingredients, alongside foraged and locally sourced produce to create a wide variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Our menu takes you on an exploration across Western and Indonesian dishes with a lot of yummy vegetarian and vegan options. Have a look at our complete online menu.

“The path from the garden to plate is literally just a few meters long”

whole food ingredients for healthy dishes
Yabbiekayu's gardener at work with papayatree
big yummy breakfast with healthy ingredients

Wholefood Harmony

Picking fruit and vegetables from our own garden goes hand in hand with our aim to serve you honest, healthy, and fresh food. We give crops the time to grow at their own pace so they can develop into produce that’s nutrient-rich and full of antioxidants. By skillfully selecting the best parts of the fresh ingredients and by applying cooking methods that preserve nutrients we can ensure that all our meals are packed with vitamins and fibers… and taste naturally great.

“Strengthen the understanding and respect for food and its origins”

At the same time, we like to strengthen the understanding and respect for food and its origins. This also means that we’re entirely avoiding monosodium glutamate (MSG) and other chemical flavour “enhancers” but rather use a fine selection of freshly grown herbs and local spices. Palm oil and trans-fats are also a big no-no in our kitchen. For those who are interested in implementing these principles in their own kitchen, we have bundled some inspiring recipes in a handy cookbook. On our IG we also regularly share recipes. We do use filtered drinking water throughout all stages of the food prep, from washing fruit to steaming vegetables and making ice cubes.

Wave over one of our waiters if you have any questions regarding our food policies or if you have special dietary requests. On your request, we can spice things up or skip the chilies altogether. In case you want to know more about our garden or specific plants, make sure to have a chat with our friendly gardeners. They will happily show you around!

Jackfruit Curry

Roasted Chicken

Ethical food policies: ‘Values-for-Money’

The semi-outdoor layout of our restaurant’s terrace is an invitation to enjoy the views over the garden and its inhabitants. You are very likely to spot our chickens roaming around freely in between our trees and crops.

“Together with all our hens, we are proud to support Animal Friends Jogja
in their fight for a cage-free Indonesia. Yabbiekayu is committed to only using eggs from hens not confined in cages. This is a policy for our own garden and for any eggs we may buy from other suppliers in the future.”

The eggs we are using in our kitchen are all free-range and come mainly from our own happy, feathered ladies. Besides being our main supplier of delicious eggs, our chooks play an active role in the maintenance of our garden and are an important part of our extensive waste management program.

We want to be an open place that supports positive change in the world. A welcoming venue in which you can have a festive evening dinner with friends, a relaxing coffee after a morning walk with your dog, or a refreshing juice while cycling with your family.

Staff with freshly harvested vegetables


  • We’re open every day from 7:30 am to 10 pm.
  • You can make a reservation by contacting us through WA at +62 812-2330-3030
  • It’s a pleasant and beautiful bike ride from Jogja to our restaurant in Tembi but you can also easily reach us by car. A spacious parking lot is provided. Check our location map for more details.
  • We are happy to cater to larger groups. You can either order à la carte or choose a set menu for everyone. Just let us know what your preference is and we will arrange a delicious and healthy meal for you and your company.
  • If you have something to celebrate with your very special one, we’ve got your back. We’ll create a special romantic setting so your dinner will be one you’ll never forget.
  • Staying at our Eco-Bungalows? All our restaurant services and room service is available for all our residents.
  • In order to avoid plastic bottles you can (re)fill your flask, jug, or bota at our place. This service is our contribution to the “refillution” started by RefillMyBottle!

Yabbiekayu Takeaway & Delivery

Explore our extensive online menu or discover our IG for new specials.

Please contact us at WA +62 812-2330-3030 to place your order. Delivery is free within a 2km radius. You can also find us on gofood! We avoid single-use plastic products as much as we can. That’s why our takeaway comes in traditionally woven takeout containers that are made from biodegradable and/or reusable materials.

Next to our meals we’ve also created a series of delicious Yabbiekayu products such as fruits compote, muesli mixes, and dried fruits. Please have a look at all our homemade goodies! Or visit Tokopedia (Yabbiekayu Store).

Free range Chickens roaming around Yabbiekayu
Staff in action in the kitchen
Eco-friendly Takeaway packaging