Discover the Art of Batik in Tembi Village

Embark on a captivating journey into the world of traditional Indonesian art by enrolling in a batik course located in the picturesque village of Tembi. Guided by our skilled batik artisan neighbor, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the intricate techniques and cultural significance behind this time-honored craft. The course takes place within an authentic batik workshop, providing insight into the painstaking process of crafting these exquisite pieces.

As you explore the vibrant colors and delicate patterns, you’ll also have the chance to browse a remarkable selection of batik creations available for purchase, handcrafted by the talented local artisans of Tembi. Conveniently situated just a 5-minute walk away from Yabbiekayu, this course offers a truly unique experience that combines art, culture, and the idyllic charm of village life.

Lady making batik in traditional workshop


You have the option to enroll in a compact 2.5-hour class or choose a more extensive course that spans multiple hours, or even a comprehensive 2-day class.

260.000 IDR per pax

During the workshop, participants will receive a 45 x 45 cm cloth along with essential tools like canting, stove, and wax. Your presence is appreciated for the entire duration of the course, allowing you to immerse yourself at your own pace. If you’re inclined to fashion a larger batik masterpiece reflecting your personal style, your mentor offers the option of a 45 x 75 cm cloth at an extra charge.

Please prepare your own design or pattern to be copied on the cloth to make your class more effective.