At Yabbiekayu we are learning how to create and live in an eco-friendly community.

Our vision is to make a unique contribution to Yogyakarta tourism while having a lasting positive impact. So often mass tourism can see profits and opportunities end up in the hands of international organisations and hotel chains.

By employing local people from the village and training them on how to run a sustainable business we hope to promote a viable alternative to the typically resource-hungry hospitality industry. Our approach creates the opportunity for small-scale local providers to provide services and get involved.

Our greatest desire is to create a space for cultural fusion and exchange, where visitors and locals can meet as equals. Whether that’s through sharing a laugh or ideas for sustainable livelihoods, we love helping people to connect.

We have found forging our own path provides plenty of room for innovation. We are continually learning new ways of seeing the world that are reflected in everything from the preparation of the food to the way the gardens take shape.

We hope our approach shows the beauty of what can happen when traditional Javanese customs and consensus thinking come together with Western-style effectiveness and openness. Let us know what you think – we love hearing how our guests experience this unique Yabbiekayu blend!

Far more than just a place to visit or work, at Yabbiekayu we see ourselves as social entrepreneurs and agents for positive change. As your hosts, we aim to be welcoming, professional, and environmentally friendly. More like a family than a group of ‘staff’, we enjoy working cross-culturally, rising to challenges, and having fun.

The team has a diverse range of skills, and interests making Yabbiekayu a great place for visitors and locals alike. Team members speak a mix of English, Indonesian, and Javanese. We hope you enjoy getting to know our team.