Paws and Pathways: Exploring Tembi Village with Canine Companions

Embark on a memorable exploration with us, as we guide you through the picturesque landscapes of Tembi’s village and its enchanting surroundings. With a maximum of 5 participants per group, our guided walks commence at either 4 pm or 4.30 pm. Choose your preferred pace, with an option of a 30-minute stroll spanning 1.5 to 2 kilometers, or extend your adventure with a more leisurely 1-hour expedition covering 3-4 kilometers. Your participation not only immerses you in the local beauty but also contributes to a meaningful cause – the sterilization of Tembi residents’ cats and the welfare of stray felines within the village and its periphery.


Approximately 1,5 hours

1 Participant 65.000 IDR
2 Participants 85.000 IDR
More than 2 Participants, 150.000 IDR per pax

Scobby and Reddog

Bring your water bottle and wear comfortable sandals or shoes.