At Yabbiekayu we use local, organic food, and natural skin care products and furnishings wherever we can find them.

Our garden has been designed as an edible landscape, filled with local fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs all used in our home kitchen.

We aim to protect and plant local trees and flora, encouraging birds, butterflies, lizards, and other small animals to make Yabbiekayu their home. As you browse our sign-posted plants, you’ll find all sorts of familiar and unfamiliar things growing. Please don’t hesitate to ask our staff who – with a little notice – can serve your selection into a delicious soup, salad, or tea.

We showcase the benefits of caring for the local environment through simple acts of cleaning up rubbish, carefully replanting and nurturing local species, and reducing our impact through reduced waste and careful water use. All our buildings use recycled and sustainable materials and are based on eco-design principles using passive cooling and ceiling fans for your comfort.

We support local environmental initiatives and are very active in disaster preparedness training and recovery efforts. Our future plans will see us become an edible garden demonstration site to share new skills and help create sustainable food systems. We hope to inspire the same care and consideration in the village and the city beyond.

As our guest, you will discover a beautiful and natural place for community and nature to grow. We’d love you to share your ideas, get involved, and take home lifelong memories and connections.


Here in Yabbiekayu, we hold on to 8 core values which always being the base and the vision of everything we do. Here are the 8 core values we hold:

Being social entrepreneurs

Yabbiekayu is a social enterprise—a business whose primary purpose is making a profit through doing good. We use commercial strategies and the power of the marketplace to advance our social, environmental, and human justice agendas, rather than just maximising profits for external shareholders.

Being agents for positive change

We aim to make a contribution to improving the world around us.  We act for positive change by building the capacity of ourselves and the communities where we work and positively discriminate in favor of those less fortunate.

Being Fair

We try to be fair because we believe in equality and compassion toward others. We value and support cultural, religious, and personal freedom and diversity.  We wish to share our knowledge and skills amongst ourselves and with those around us, contributing to the common good. We actively oppose corruption, greed, and discrimination where we can.

Being professional

We are professional in our work. We set ourselves high-quality benchmarks (standards) aiming to be effective, efficient, practical, and productive.  We are self-critical and strive for continuous improvement.

Having fun

We are fun-loving, welcoming, and friendly towards our guests, customers, stakeholders, co-workers, and colleagues. We aim to create a casual and informal workplace that supports each other’s health and overall well-being.

Being environmentally friendly

In all our projects and activities we try to reduce pollution and the use of non-renewable energy and resources. We understand and value biodiversity. Wherever possible we use environmentally sustainable methods and products, choosing natural products over artificial chemicals.

Being challenged

We want to work in roles that are challenging and creative, continuously learning, experimenting, innovating, being entrepreneurial, and adopting appropriate new technologies.

Being inter-cultural practitioners

We see value in working inter-culturally, sharing international and local experiences, wisdom and knowledge. We aim to work in ways that meet international expectations and standards while respecting and valuing the culture and traditions of Indonesia and its communities.