This bungalow sits in it’s own private compound with it’s own natural ‘living’ dipping pool. The bungalow has been specifically designed to be environmentally friendly, using natural cooling principles for maximum thermal comfort and made from 100% recycled timber. The bungalow has two rooms, each with their own private outdoor bathroom that can be rented separately or jointly.

Each room equipped with a work desk and chair, bed (150×200 cm size), luggage case, fridge and minibar, and a seating room for two in a comfortable size verandah. As our other bungalows, we use passive climatic system for keeping the temperature stable by having the water flow around the bungalow and the building designed to have alot ope opening to allow air flow. The dipping pool is using natural filtration systems with layer of sand, charcoal, plants and fishes, which it’s nutrient then feeds into the plants which mostly you will enjoy as salad etc in your plate everyday.
40% of the lights are using solar panel including emergency lights, most of the lights in the bathroom, desk and bed, fans inside the bed and daily phone charger facility.
The room is overlooking into a lush edible garden and a dipping pool to share with your next door room mate, make it more comfortable for you to relax and enjoying your holiday.