Crafting Nature’s Imprints with Local Artisans

Join hands with our skilled local village artisans to craft your very own masterpiece through the mesmerizing technique of eco steam printing. With their expert guidance, you’ll explore the art of transferring intricate botanical patterns onto various mediums, creating unique and nature-infused works of art. Whether it’s on fabric, paper, or other surfaces, the process is a fascinating journey that combines artistic expression with eco-consciousness.  Unleash your creativity and leave with not only a beautiful piece of art but also a deeper connection to the environment and the rich cultural tapestry of Ndigo Tembi.

Eco Print

3 hours

Cotton fabric sized 2m = 325.000 IDR
Scarf 60cmx180cm = 200.000 IDR
Tote Bag sized 30cmx40cm = 150.000 IDR
Cotton T Shirt (size S, M, L) = 200.0000 IDR

Participants can take home their work.

Please prepare your own design or pattern to be copied on the cloth to make your class more effective.