There are many places in Yogyakarta and the surrounding region that offer excellent opportunities for bird watching. From Gunung Merapi National Park to the shorelines of Pantai Trisik, you can see hundreds of exotic birds in their native habitats. To help you experience this amazing diversity, Aan and Imam will be your tour guides:

Aan was one of the founding father of  Bionic bird club that based in his university in 2004. He has a deep interest in mountain and endemic birds.

Imam started bird watching since he studied in Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta in 2001. He has a deep interest in bird photography and various wildlife. Imam becomes a photo contributor in some websites, such as fobi, orientalbirdimages, and more. His deep passion in writing can be seen in some publications that he has made, both scientific and popular.

Birdwatching in Java near Jogjakarta

Kingfisher in the trees