Yabbiekayu Bungalows are hand built from old solid teak houses brought down from the mountains above Yogya and reassembled to suit the needs of a modern traveller including:

  • Large and unique antique four poster double beds
  • Private outdoor living space
  • Public deck or veranda
  • Private outdoor bathroom with luxury bathtubs and showers
  • Fully equipped Minibar and Snack bar

All bungalows are specifically designed to be:

  • Culturally sensitive; traditional style buildings, local materials and labour, balancing privacy and connection to you and the village
  • Environmentally friendly; made from 100% recycled and plantation timber and bamboo, low watt LED & solar powered lighting , natural water filtration and biocycle toilets, organic non toxic shampoos and soaps
  • Thermally comfortable; including lots of natural ventilation, tropics specific insulation, fans and mosquito nets
  • Suited to couples, families and small groups with Bungalow 4 better equipped to house small groups and families.

Built from 100% recycled materials, treated with natural oil finishes and using LED & solar powered lights throughout. The bungalows are designed to maximise views and breezes under a well insulated roof to ensure your comfort.