Yabbiekayu Vibes

“Imagine a lush, serene tropical garden with five traditional Javanese teak wood homes in it. From the porch of one of these private bungalows, you’re taking the time to observe the subtle natural activities in the edible landscape that surrounds you. The sound of the water from the natural pools and the wind that blows through the endless rice fields behind you makes you feel calm and in touch with nature…”

Woman relaxing in teakwood bungalow
If all that sounds like an ideal holiday then Yabbiekayu Eco-Bungalows might be the right option for your next romantic weekend getaway, your hard-earned vacation in the tropics, or even your long-term retreat to focus on that book you always wanted to write.

Besides a traditional village atmosphere and a true connection with nature, our place also offers the best of Javanese hospitality and luxury service with a genuine smile. We like to take a personal approach and love to connect with people through sharing knowledge, skills, and laughter. Yabbiekayu is a place where you can both meet like-minded people and rediscover yourself.

Two man holding free range chickens
Edible Landscape with bungalows
Inside Desk overlooking garden

Eco-Bungalows with dream facilities

Sustainability is the thread that runs through all our activities and operations. We don’t use the prefix “Eco” lightly. Our bungalows are made from 100% locally sourced materials, including repurposed historic timbers and sustainably harvested bamboo treated with natural oil finishes. Their main structures come from antique Indonesian houses that were once located in the hills nearby Yogyakarta. We reassembled them to suit the needs of the modern traveler. Every single bungalow is provided with:

  • beautiful private garden that serves as an outdoor living space
  • outdoor bathroom with a luxury tub and showers (under a starry sky at night!)
  • front porch (veranda) overlooking the communal garden
  • minibar fully stocked with refreshing drinks and snacks
  • large, traditional crafted four-poster double bed

beautiful traditional bedroom

Outdoor Bungalow Garden

Beyond the use of reclaimed materials, there are many ways in which eco-friendly techniques are implemented in Yabbiekayu’s bungalows:

  • We use low-watt LED lighting that is solar-powered.
  • All our water is sourced on site. Waste water gets naturally filtered and recycled.
  • We use biocycle toilets and offer organic, non-toxic shampoos and soaps
  • All our buildings are thermally comfortable. We use natural ventilation for your health. Cooling is done through the ingenious use of moats, waterfalls and other passive features such as tropics specific insulation and fans.

You can find much more information about our environmentally-friendly approach throughout this website and on our Instagram account.

While relaxing in your bungalow, enjoy the healthy and delicious cuisine from Yabbiekayu’s Wholefood Restaurant made using fresh ingredients harvested from the edible landscaped gardens that surround the bungalows. You can dine in at the restaurant or have meals and drinks delivered directly to your room.

Teakwood Bungalow with four poster bed

Make your choice…

Each of our five bungalows has a distinct character and feel. Some are perfect for couples and solo travelers while others are more suitable for small groups and families. All offer the perfect balance between privacy and connection to village life and nature. Check out the specifics of every single one below.