Nature has always been a source of inspiration, especially when it comes to toys and games. Before the arrival of Barbie dolls and Playstations, nature – combined with imagination – already provided endless entertainment for kids for thousands of years. Our “Play with Nature” workshops for kids bring these old games, crafting techniques, and knowledge back to life.
We like to think of our environment as a playroom with flowers, leaves, and stones as our favorite toys! This is an excellent opportunity to be creative, but you will also learn more about plants and their hidden secrets.

Play with nature Toy Gun
Play with Nature building material
Jewellery Play with Nature

You decide on the project we are going to work on. The list below gives you options. Then we will look together for the necessary natural materials in and around the gardens of Yabbiekayu. During this treasure hunt, you will learn more about the plants that grow here. Then we get to work making our cool toys.

Play with Nature nailpolishThe possibilities of playing with nature are nearly endless! Here are some ideas of the things we create make together:

– Crowns and Toy guns for the Rebble kings of the Jungle
– Jewellery made from leaves and flowers
– Race cars from watermelon rinds
– Decorative Garlands

Each of these workshops lasts for about an hour.
Check out the results in our IG guide!