From picking to plating, 


Embark on a culinary adventure at Yabbiekayu eco-resort on Java, Indonesia, where you’ll have the unique opportunity to personally harvest vegetables, edible flowers, herbs, and spices from our vibrant gardens before, under the guidance of our skilled local chefs, mastering the art of preparing two authentic Indonesian recipes. This immersive experience not only imparts valuable cooking skills but also delves into the cultural significance of each ingredient, ensuring a deep connection to the food you create. you’ll discover the heart of Indonesian cuisine amidst the beauty of Java’s landscape. The class culminates in savoring your creations, completing a farm-to-table journey that celebrates the land’s bounty in every bite.

Approximately 3 hours

1 participant – 300.000 IDR per pax
2 participants or more – 250.000 IDR per pax

2 authentic Indonesian recipes, one portion of organic red rice and special drink


You can choose one Main dish and one Vegetable dish. One portion of organic red rice and Special Drink (please choose one) are also included in the price. Common allergens & irritants are marked in bold.

MAINS (all dishes are gluten-free)

  • Ayam Rica – Grilled chicken in a fiery spicy seasoning. Contains candlenut
  • Ayam Woku – Chicken cooked in aromatic and spicy herb seasoning. Contains candlenut.
  • Ayam Tangkap – Chicken fried with aromatic pandan and curry leaves. 
  • Pepes Ayam – Chicken steamed in banana leaf together with aromatic herbs. Contains candlenut.
  • Garang Asem Ayam – Chicken steamed in banana leaf together with coconut milk, aromatic herbs and bilimbi/green tomato. Contains candlenut.
  • Ayam Suwir Kecombrang – Shredded steamed or fried chicken topped with spicy torch ginger sambal. Contains shrimp paste.

VEGETABLE DISHES (all dishes are vegan-friendly and gluten-free)

  • Urap – Boiled vegetables with sweet-savoury seasoned coconut dressing.
  • Pecel Sayur – Boiled vegetables with sweet-savoury peanut dressing.
  • Lodeh – Vegetables cooked in savoury coconut milk broth.
  • Sayur Asam – Sweet-sour vegetable soup. Contains peanuts.
  • Sambal Goreng Sayur – Mildly spicy vegetable ‘curry’.
  • Lalapan & Sambal Tomat/Kecombrang – Raw vegetable salad with spicy raw tomato sambal.

SPECIAL DRINK (all drinks are vegan-friendly and gluten-free; please ask for availability)

  • Yabbiekayu’s Pink Blossom Tea (hot or cold), served with sugar on the side
  • Yabbiekayu’s Royal Blue Tea (hot or cold), served with sugar and lime on the side 
  • Ginger and Lemongrass Infusion (hot or cold)
  • Passion Fruit Squash (cold only; seasonal)
  • Roselle Squash (cold only; seasonal)


  • Chicken can be substituted with egg, mushroom, soya bean tofu and/or tempe for vegetarian/vegan-friendly version
  • Spiciness level can be adjusted, and allergens can be omitted upon request.