We’d like to share a quick story about our building team activities. As we have a long term planning to upgrade every aspect including the infrastructure in Yabbiekayu slowly over the year, now it’s time for our building team to upgrade their own workshop and ware house. In the past couple of years our amazing building, maintenance and landscape/garden team have been owning a very limited workspace and to store their work tools. The gentlemen from the building team often had to move around their work space based on our guests occupation, as far as possible from our guests, just to make sure our guests’ comfort and not disturb everyone by the building noises (wood work, stone work etc). Also we stored most of our stocks of treated bamboos and timbers in public area, next to our reception and restaurant which is not very convenient in terms of scenery. So now we finally started to build a new space for the team. Today, 40% of the foundation for the ware house to store the timbers and treated bamboos have built. The timbers and bamboo have been moved across to fill up the new foundation. Still a lot to go before the rest of ware house /workshop building finished, so we will post again some updates soon.

Nothing in Yabbiekayu built instantly.. all required patience, hardwork, and consideration.
It has been not a quick process but the result will be much better. We build stronger and better, and the biggest and most of all.. we get to learn a lot too within the process.