We are very honored to host a group of amazing people from different sides of the world on the 1st and 2nd of April 2019 as part of two weeks Field Experience Trip 2019.

This interesting program is a solid collaboration  between RED R UK and RED R Indonesia. The participants came from many different parts of the world including Malaysia, Jordania, United Kingdom and Germany. The aim of this hands-on program, is to provide individuals with a unique learning opportunity and a chance to gain practical experience and a valuable insight into humanitarian response. The experience include living in field situations within local communities, practical exercises and meetings with many different actors in humanitarian relief from village level community groups, to government agencies, individuals with experience of disaster relief work and Shelter Cluster Coordinator.

RedR Indonesia and RedR UK opened this this full week event in Yabbiekayu following with a group dinner provided by our kitchen team. For many of the participants, this was their first experience being in Indonesia and we always feel excited to be part in people’s first experience of this country.

Food is a very crucial part of a proper introduction to this country; so our kitchen team took this chance seriously. We cooked and served the humble taste of Javanese food, considering the healthy and simplicity aspects in all of what we delivered to the table. The second day, the group took a walk around Tembi village to see traces of the 2006 earthquake to the village : what has happened, the impact of the earthquake and how the people live through it.

At evening the group divided into two people and each small groups of these two people got introduced to different families in the village. They then spent some time closely with the family and stayed over in the family’s homes which for most of them were super interesting experience. One participant said to us that she’s very looking forward to stay with the village family in their home and it was such a great thing to hear!

The following morning, the group gathered in Yabbiekayu to share about their experience of staying with the families before they heading out to visit another community at the Merapi Volcano area and then moving to other regions in Java to gain more experiences through this program.