We welcomed and hosted a group of amazing young people one full day last August. They are the students of School of Peace, which is an annual course supported by Interfaith Cooperation Forum. School of Peace is a three-month living/learning experience for young people from around Asia, and this year the course mostly based in Jogjakarta, involving more than 20 young people. They represent different faiths, ethnicities and nationalities.
During this 3months course the students get the chance to meet many people with valuable experience and minds, to share their knowledge, deeper understanding of living and engagement through communities and different cultures.
Luckily we got to meet them all in Yabbiekayu as part of their field trip class.

Dave gave a talk about his experience running different projects in different countries and different communities, working on peace building and conflict resolutions as humanitarian worker, and got to share stories of life after disasters and take a part of their experience in School of Peace, getting to know these highly motivated and open minded young people who value the value of diversity and this gives us a huge hope that the world has a better future.

Thank you all for giving us this amazing experience of meeting and hosting you ?
There are never be the perfect time to make changes and to better understanding and accepting differences. The time is right here, right now ?❤?

If you’re interested to know more about School of Peace, you can check and read more about their activities via this link http://interfaithforum.org/