On the 5th of February, Yabbiekayu family had an outing to Bumi Langit Institute to conduct a comparison study. The idea to visit Bumi Langit is to give our staff a time to learn in a fun way about sustainability and why we run our company as social enterprise based on eco friendly principles through a visit to other similar place like us.

We departed from Yabbiekayu at 9 am in the morning by motorbikes. Our place is not far from Bumi Langit, only about 12 kms and 20 minutes by vehicle, towards the hill. It was a fun ride.

We welcomed by mbak Nung, the senior staff of Bumi Langit. She took us for a tour of their gardens and then this tour ended perfectly with kefir drinks and an interesting talk by Bapak Iskandar about the history of Bumi Langit and the thinking behind the creation of Bumi Langit. Although Bumi Langit runs as a different business sector as Yabbiekayu (Bumi Langit runs as a permaculture Institute, and Yabbiekayu runs as a hospitality company), we able to connect the dots and see that we do share the same philosophy about sustainability, being eco friendly, and that both running business not driven by profit. In fact, we see that as a company, profit is not only measured by numbers and how much money we got from running the business, but we see profit from things below :

  • how the company help improve the wellbeing of the people who work in Bumi Langit and Yabbiekayu, families of the workers, and the wellbeing of the communities both Yabbiekayu and Bumi Langit engage with.
  • how Bumi Langit and Yabbiekayu help promoted the positive social changes towards eco friendly practices for the better life whoever visited both places, and inspired them to be eco-friendly.
  • how we can add positive nett to the natural environment from the practices that we do such as grow as much as plants, fruits and vegetables in our gardens, encouraging the biodiversity, not using single use plastic in everything we do

After the talk with Bapak Iskandar we had lunch at their warung and followed with monthly team meeting to discuss our progress from each division. At the end of the day, we wrapped the meeting with a great summary of our Bumi Langit trip, and we came back to our homes with renewed spirit and motivation.

Thank you Bumi Langit family for giving us your time to share and learn together about living sustainably and being ecofriendly; a great lesson and a good reminder that we should keep doing what we do.