Many of our customers and friends ask about how we manage our waste.

Our first answer is to try as hard as we can to NOT create waste in the first place, especially solid waste that is hard to degrade such as plastic.

Most plastic waste ends up in landfill and is difficult to sort or process. Sadly much of it ends up in the ocean, destroying fragile aquatic ecosystems. Plastic waste doesnt decompose, rather it breaks down into billions of microplastic particles that contaminate our soil, flow into rivers and waterways, ending up in the ocean. These microplastics contaminate our drinking water, enter the food chain and contaminate the plants and animals we eat, poisoning our bodys and our environment.

The world produces nearly 400 million tonnes of plastic waste each year. Without urgent action, this will continue to increase every year till the world is covered in plastic.

We must act now to reduce the waste we produce, and to be effective we must do it together.

Here are a few things you can do to reduce your waste:

Avoid the use of single use plastics and instead where ever possible use materials that can naturally biodegrade and return safely and easily to the environment.

We provide reusable filtered water bottle for our guests either in the bungalows or the restaurant

Use natural materials for takeaway packagings

Use low chemical non harmful cleaning products that are made from natural materials.

We use dish washing brushes and sponge made from coco fiber and loofah

Some examples of natural ingredients we use as cleaning liquids : lime or lemons, water, vinegar and oil.

Grow as much of your own fruits and vegetables as possible with natural non chemical farming methods. This avoids packaging, transport energy and reduces your carbon footprint, while you also benefit from tastier, more nutrient rich fresh food to improve your health.

Pak Pri carrying small harvest of the day: eggplants, soursops and papayas from our own gardens

Reduce electricity consumption and use only as much as you need. Buy energy efficient lights and appliances, and only use them when you need them. Where ever we can choose to live in open naturally ventilated shades spaces with fans for cooling and plants as air filters, rather than boxed in spaces using AC. For simple applications like lights why not blackout proof your house and switch your electricity source from coal and diesel powered non renewable energy to green renewable energy sources like solar power.

Our porch restaurants with solar powered lights

Solar powered bungalows

There are so many other simple things you can do.

Countries around the world have been trying to manage their plastic waste through many processes, and it has been difficult and almost impossible to do with less than 10% of plastics ever recycled. So let’s not rely on others to solve this problem, when we can make a real difference ourselves together.

Let’s reduce our waste, minimise our energy consumption, and make the world a better place.