Last week we said goodbye to a group of lovely and interesting people who stayed in Yabbiekayu for approximately 8 days. They came and stayed for yoga retreat all the way down from Australia. It’s been a very nice week and we enjoyed hosting them especially from our kitchen team side. We had fun arranging healthy and yummy menu with lots of variety of fresh local ingredients to put on the table every single day for 8 days. It’s a very happy thing for us to see the group felt contented and happy with our food and also with our day to day service during the retreat. Liz and Meagan who are the leader and instructors of the yoga group will come back with different group of people next April and they’ve been planning to make special yoga classes for children and women in the village as a way of them giving back to the community. Getting as many people as possible in Tembi village and to gain more interest in doing yoga are things that Liz and Meagan would like to encourage.

We are very happy to be part of this amazing yoga project.

If you are a yoga enthusiast and are interested to join the special classes in April, please let us know so we can keep you in the loop ūüėČ