In August 2016, we hosted the participants of RedR International General Assembly.  RedR is an international NGO whose stated mission is to “rebuild lives in times of disaster by training, supporting and providing aid workers to relief programs across the world.” It was originally an acronym for Register of Engineers for Disaster Relief, although it is no longer used as such. RedR delivers training to relief organisations and their staff, enabling them to respond to the needs of disaster hit communities, efficiently and safely. They further help to ensure that skilled professionals are always available to respond to major global emergencies through an aid worker recruitment service and by advising and training potential new relief workers.

Those who were attending this occasion were the key members of Red R organisations from various country such as Canada, Australia, India, UK, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Beside discussing past projects, achievements of each RedR organisations and discussing future plan, through this general assembly the CEOs and key members of the RedR organisations from various countries welcoming the new emerging RedR Indonesia that legally established on December 2015.

This important gathering were running from 19th to 21st of August and was a great success.

We are pleased and honored to be able to accommodate these humanitarian workers and it’s been a great and amazing  experience for Yabbiekayu staff.

If you are interested to know what Red R and the details of their projects, you can check these websites below :

Global RedR Organisations

Red R Indonesia