kecap manis, sambal and tomato sauce. Healthy condiments with tempe

From Scratch: Yabbiekayu’s All-Natural Condiments.

At Yabbiekayu Restaurant, we believe that a healthy, nutritionally-balanced meal has to taste good. Adding condiments is a great way to enhance or complement the flavour of a dish. In fact, some dishes aren’t complete without them. Can you imagine a plate of chips without sauces, toast without jam, or tempe without sambal? Neither can we! 

Unfortunately, condiments aren’t always the healthiest part of a meal. Commercially produced condiments are convenient, but most of the time they’re loaded with sugar, salt, or even artificial preservatives to extend their shelf life. Additionally, artificial flavourings or flavour enhancers are added so that manufacturers don’t have to use large amounts of natural ingredients, which can be quite costly. Consequently, many people have gotten so used to these additives, that they forget the true flavour of real ingredients.

When it comes to condiments, we don’t cut corners –
they’re made from scratch and minimally processed!

Pikelets with condiments
Three condiments with burger.

As you might already know, we are big believers of ‘whole foods’, which are generally characterised as foods that have undergone little or no processing, refinement, or addition of other ingredients. Being a wholefood restaurant, we want to remind our guests that natural flavours are no less delicious. When it comes to condiments, we don’t cut corners – they’re made from scratch and minimally processed! We only use fresh and simple ingredients, not concentrates or essences. We make sure that the sugar and salt content in our condiments is still within a healthy range. We also avoid using artificial preservatives, opting to use more ‘natural’ preservation methods such as refrigeration or freezing instead. 

You can rest assured that the fruit compotes served with your pikelets, the tomato and chili sauces served with your sandwich, the beetroot and tomato relishes served with your burger, or the sambal served with your opor ayam or rendang are good for your taste buds and your body!

Sweet condiments with pikelets pancakes