Cage free chickens in Yabbiekayu

Yummy eggs from happy hens!

A satisfying breakfast can be the key to a productive day, and eggs are an excellent choice for their simplicity, versatility, and nutritional benefits. At our restaurant, we are committed to upholding our paddock-to-plate philosophy, which includes sourcing our eggs exclusively from cage-free hens. We believe in promoting animal welfare and ethical farming practices, which means providing hens with the space and freedom to move and behave naturally. Not only is choosing cage-free eggs a healthier option, but it also aligns with our values and commitment to sustainability. So start your day off right with a delicious and ethical breakfast at our restaurant.

While scientific evidence has been made public about the cruelty of the egg industry, business people remain reluctant to change their policies, choosing profit over animal welfare. Fortunately Animal Friends Jogja (AFJ), Sinergia Animal, and Open Wing Alliance have taken action to advocate for the welfare of laying hens in Indonesia. AFJ, in partnership with these organizations, is running campaigns urging food companies to adopt cage-free egg policies, which could prompt farmers to change their systems in the long term.

“By ensuring the best quality of life for chickens, we are providing
a delicious and guilt-free dining experience for our customers.”

Cage-free chickens at Yabbiekayu
cage-free eggs as part of paddock-to-plate philosophy
Gardener with happy hen at Yabbiekayu

Our paddock-to-plate philosophy emphasizes the importance of sustainable and ethical food production practices, with a focus on reducing the environmental impact of the food industry and ensuring the humane treatment of animals. Cage-free eggs are an integral part of this philosophy, as they allow chickens to live in more natural and healthy environments, which not only improves their welfare but also results in healthier and more flavorful eggs. Additionally, supporting cage-free egg producers promotes sustainable agriculture and encourages the growth of local, small-scale farming operations that prioritize animal welfare and environmental sustainability. By choosing cage-free eggs, we can support a food system that values the well-being of animals and the health of our planet.

It is heartening to see organizations like AFJ taking action to improve animal welfare in Indonesia. While the government may not prioritize this issue, individuals can still make a difference by taking action in their communities and supporting organizations that advocate for animal welfare. By working together, we can help create a better future for all creatures!

Tasty omelette from cage-free eggs on the breakfast table