Latest updates from the Yabbiekayu current project. We got all the artists and bamboo architects arrived 4 days ago and started to work on the day 3 after some big discussions about designs and consolidating materials and tools.

Bamboo treatment process ongoing while the other part of the team working on building the site

Day 2 on the building site

We've got the famous Paulus Mintarga visiting the team

The guys Installing bamboo splitter

The team include the shelter and sustainable environmental building specialist Dave Hodgkin, the founder of Cave Urban Nici Long, the great bamboo installation artist and designer Wang Wen Chih, the knowledgeable bamboo builder Liang Hung Ling (known as Coffee King!), the young architect -Jed Long, designer builder artist -Ned Long,  Honey Long, the mad water engineer Daniel Crowel, the young architects Ana Gatoo, Miguel Lopez, Fabian Prideaux, Natalia Titisari and Alex Cadden from Humanitarian Benchmark. These core team fully supported by the whole team of Yabbiekayu Builders.

It's been exciting process and we've got a solid team that has been working nonstop and full of energy. The team will be working on the building for 2 weeks so the whole Yabbiekayu team are working constantly in supporting the team.