About two weeks ago we added some new member of family into Yabbiekayu garden. After we did some experiments by having free range  local chickens (here people called it Ayam Kampung), which in the practice we found didn’t really  cover our kitchen’s needs for eggs, we decided to have Golden Comet chicken and sold most of our “Ayam Kampung” to the villagers near Yabbiekayu in a cheap price.

In Yabbiekayu,  during full occupation we need at least  25-35 eggs per day for breakfast. As per chicken at the right age will lay eggs between 1 to 2 eggs per day. In our chicken coop currently we have 14 chickens; consist of 4 adult hens and 10 young hens. The 4 adult ones lay eggs nearly every day now and we got between 6 to 10 eggs per day. During low season this number should be covered our kitchen needs. The 10 young hens will be ready to lay some eggs in 1 month which means we will have more than enough eggs to cover most of our guests breakfast request by November onwards.

As one of our experiments in creating a  sustainable, healthy and better connected of garden and kitchen, we made chicken tractor and put some young hens separately from the adult hens inside it. Maybe common people don’t know that if we put adult and young chickens into one coop, this will create stress amongst them. The adult chickens will peck the young ones to show domination and it will not be good for them and us as stressful condition will lead to poor health and low rate of eggs layed daily. So this is why we separate the young ones and put them in to the chicken tractor.

Chicken tractor is is a movable chicken coop lacking a floor. Chicken tractors may also house other kinds of poultry. Most chicken tractors are a lightly built A-frame which one person can drag about the yard. It may have wheels on one or both ends to make this easier.

The advantages of having this chicken tractor are below :

It is movable and that you do not need to build a floor for underneath your chickens. This also means that you dont have to exert more effort in maintaining the floors of chicken houses – like cleaning and mending or maintaining. The ground will be the floor and all their droppings will serve as fertilizer.

As we moved the chicken tractor chickens will get more area to scratch which means we give them enough entertainment as well as provide natural diet  and allow them to free range while provide them a safe place from natural predators.

This means we will have happy chickens and more nutrient eggs.