Bamboo Treating Experiment

In July 2016 we had 7 architects from Australia stayed in Yabbiekayu to play with Indonesia and Australia architect students around Jogjakarta. They came and stayed for a week especially just to play with bamboo construction. This was a great coincidence as Yabbiekayu supports many things to do with bamboo by Humanitarian Benchmark and Yabbiekayu…

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Chicken Tractor at Yabbiekayu Garden

About two weeks ago we added some new member of family into Yabbiekayu garden. After we did some experiments by having free range  local chickens (here people called it Ayam Kampung), which in the practice we found didn’t really  cover our kitchen’s needs for eggs, we decided to have Golden Comet chicken and…

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International RedR General Assembly

In August 2016, we hosted the participants of RedR International General Assembly.  RedR is an international NGO whose stated mission is to “rebuild lives in times of disaster by training, supporting and providing aid workers to relief programs across the world.” It was originally an acronym for Register of Engineers for Disaster Relief, although…

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Cooking class is on!

Cooking class is on! Melissa and Giusseppe went to traditional market with our staff for their mission to cook Javanese Rames rice which is various kind of side dishes including fried Tempe, fried chicken, water spinach sayur and shrimp crackers with rice and sambal. Was so much fun. Selamat makan!

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Busy weekends

So much great things happening this weekend. We got to cook great food with our lovely guests Tess and Conor, had a wonderful yoga class with great yoga instructor and the prettiest people, we had a big feast on our dearest friend’s house warming party and one of our Yabbiekayu family member had…

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Yabbiekayu Running Club

We are inviting you to join Yabbiekayu Running Club. Will run twice a week around 4pm. Will have two little dogs joining soon to make us all run faster.

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